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2537 keer bezocht sinds 10 Maart 2015, 03:12
Naam Julie Linda
Geboortedatum 1-3-1985
Leeftijd 31
Woonplaats ????, Belgi

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'Po Chun 510 brake test'

Geplaatst Vandaag, 07:19

Although the final score of 11.99 seconds is not particularly good, but compared with the same level with the displacement of the small SUV, the results are also good. This level of power to cope with daily reconnaissance can. Po Chun 510 is equipped with four 205mm width of the tires, for this level of the model is quite good, full force when the grip is more secure. The whole brake test process brake pedal foot feeling good, ABS work when the pedal is not bouncing, brake system braking force is also enough, people have confidence. The final measured results of 41.38 meters, are qualified level, the normal play, compared to the same level for vw adjustable coilovers, then a little distance, but the whole is not a big problem. To the manual gear to do fuel consumption test is the most tired, but also the gearbox or 6 gear, not in the shift is ready to shift, but fortunately Bao Chun 510 operation fairly easy to complete more than 100 km test is not Too uncomfortable. This time the fuel consumption test I try to use fuel-efficient way of driving for vw lowering kits, multi-shift, multi-use high block low turn to cruise, I believe most of the users usually drive the same way, try 6MT in the end is really more fuel-efficient Test traffic is pretty good, there are about 20km high speed road conditions, the rest are in the urban area to walk, the final measured score of 6.3L / 100km, the results are not bad. Test traffic is pretty good, did not encounter very congested situation, there are about 20km high-speed road conditions for vw shocks struts, the rest are in the urban area to walk, the final measured score of 6.3L / 100km, for this volume of the results of the model not bad.

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