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4086 keer bezocht sinds 10 Maart 2015, 03:12
Naam Julie Linda
Geboortedatum 1-3-1985
Leeftijd 32
Woonplaats ????, Belgi

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'Experience the experience of Guangzhou Automobile'

Geplaatst 20 April, 09:14

Although the development of electric cars now fast, but there are still many people like me, from the heart still can not accept it. On the one hand is always empty life, there is one thing that is worthless. At present, the domestic electric car, whether looking or driving, the texture is often the same price than the gasoline truck a difference, which is why I would rather have insisted on the probability of a small number of Yao Yao, do not want to apply for Electric car license. If there is a good electric car texture is good enough, you will be more of its goodwill it? Electric car market, small SUV has so few, but basically are derived from the gasoline car. GE3 different, in the Chuanqi product sequence, you can not find its gasoline brothers, from this point alone, can also see the car for the meaning of Chuan Qi. After the actual experience, the car's product strength is really impressive, at the same level in the very competitive, if one day it really listed, I believe we will be able to set off a wave in this market.

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