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2126 keer bezocht sinds 10 Maart 2015, 03:12
Naam Julie Linda
Geboortedatum 1-3-1985
Leeftijd 31
Woonplaats ????, Belgi

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'Teaz rich in configuration'

Geplaatst Donderdag, 10:48

Of course, as the "People First Car" light appearance is not enough, in the interior of the car with a fan-shaped center console design, the overall layout of the more structured, black and brown color and metal color plaque, creating a leapfrog luxury. Interior color is light on the deep, and the use of color in the control screen, coupled with the local bright embellishment, or very consistent with the vast number of consumers aesthetic. The details are optimized to do more in place, the overall level of technology is also good, worthy of this model positioning. Multi-functional leather steering wheel, HUD head-up display, 360-degree panoramic image, reversing image + reversing radar technology configuration, more consumers to create a luxury car experience. what? You do not believe? You know, like HUD looked up, what is the level of the car to have. In addition, Tiaz also has ESC body stabilization system, EPS electronic power steering, EPB electronic handbrake, HHC uphill auxiliary, automatic sensor headlights, induction wipers, cruise control systems; keyless entry, a key start, automatic thermostat Air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring are all standard, from active safety to passive safety, Tiaz can do. Conscience, definitely not Langdexuming. More noteworthy is that, in addition to the rich configuration and more spacious car, the trunk of the storage space is reached 1002L, in the same level models can be said to be rolling at the same level without exception.

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