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3124 keer bezocht sinds 10 Maart 2015, 03:12
Naam Julie Linda
Geboortedatum 1-3-1985
Leeftijd 32
Woonplaats ????, Belgi

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'80,90 suspension modification'

Geplaatst Gisteren, 11:43

If only for long-distance travel, after the differential lock is enough. AHC limits the 100 off-road capability, it is only suitable for travel. AHC is also the function of the shock is durable, the replacement cost is not high, the original more than 2,000, more than 6,000 modified. If you want to travel long distances, it is best to install a sub tank, modified to increase the capacity of 80-240 liters, can make the cruising capacity of 800-1000 km. If you like to change the style of 100 to run the road, it is recommended to strengthen the anti-roll bar, 19-inch German wheels with 285 / 55R19 Pirelli tires (both durable and driving performance). 80,90,120 wheels use the same six-hole structure for subaru coilovers, and the size can be used 16 8, but they are ideal modified Off Set (wheel offset) is not exactly the same. 80 is -25, 90 is -15,120 is +25. The 100 wheels use five-hole wheels, it is recommended to use 16 8 (+30) the best size. Tire modification recommendations 90,120 to 265 / 75R16 (original 265 / 70R16), 80,100 to 285 / 75R16 (original 275 / 70R16). In addition, now the new 100 original 18-inch wheels, it is recommended to change back to 16 inches, suitable for off-road. 120 even with 17-inch wheels, the tire is extremely difficult to find fit bmw e39 airbag suspension, it is recommended to put on 16-inch products. If you like the conversion of large tires, 80,100 for more than 35 12.5R16 above, 90,120 for large more than 255 / 85R16 or 315 / 75R16, it is necessary to replace the teeth than the main reduction gear. 80,90 suspension after the conversion is very reliable, but 100 with AHC system suspension reliability in general fit bmw e39 rear suspension air bag, such as going to Lhasa these long-distance need to prepare before and after a hydraulic shock. 120 rear air suspension reliability can not be sure that the United States useful spring to replace and lock the air suspension height of the modified, but the feeling of the general. 80,90,120 rose 2-3 inches, usually about 12,000 yuan.

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